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Hello!!!! I am Saumya. Thank you for visiting my blog. :)

Simple, silly, fun loving, daydreamer and a hopeless romantic ;) - that is how i would like to describe myself in brief :). Born and brought up in the bustling city of Mumbai, India and now enjoying my blissfully married life in New Jersey.

I am very passionate about cooking, baking and well eating :D. I am a total foodie and so is my husband. Cooking makes me happy and i consider it to be my stress buster. But more than anything, it is the sheer pleasure of cooking for others that makes me all the more happier. I am very much thankful to my mother and my sister who inspired me and taught me the nuances of cooking. 

But but but....cooking is not the only thing that i enjoy. I absolutely love traveling, exploring new places, culture and the vast array of cuisines. Apart from traveling, i love photography (not that i am a professional but i am learning...at a snails pace :P). Thanks to hubby - i have recently acquired the love for exploring cuisine's from different parts of the world (which i would love to share in future on my blog) and trying local flavors. And like all the other girls, i also enjoy fashion, beauty, shopping, crafts... :P

My blog will be a showcase of my cooking recipes, our little travel adventures, lifestyle and food.

I hope you will enjoy reading my posts as much as i enjoy writing them. Do write to me about your thoughts and your views on any of my post or about the blog and how i can improve it at upclosewithsaumya@gmail.com. I will be more than happy to hear from you. 



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  2. HI Saumya! Love your blog, some really interesting recipes that I would like to try;) BTW I'm from secaucus too!



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