Collecting memories and experiences (not things) - My Bucket List for 2017

Hello Everyone!!!!! It's March already can you believe that??? But wait... where is Spring? 😑 Just when I thought it was here we were hit by snow showers last week and a big snow storm 2 days back. The temperature has dropped drastically and all I can think about is Summer!! But I am sure it will be here before we know it. 

So before summer greets us into its warm embrace, I am all ready with my bucket list of activities and events that I wish to experience this summer. Now when I think about it, this is actually a very good way to sit back, contemplate and think about all the experiences that you wish to have rather than impulse buying for a change. Give that expensive bag or a shoe or any "thing" that you may see on an Instagram feed or Pinterest or any social media for that matter a pass this time around. Simply think about what truly makes you happy. For me its the small, simple moments of life. One of my blogger friends (Sonal) had asked me to list 10 things that make me happy on Instagram some time back. Without thinking twice I listed 10 things that make me happy only to realize later that I had listed my "memories and experiences" and not "things". Some may find my happy list very simple and mundane but when you think about it, it is the little moments of life, the times that you spend with your loved ones, family and friends that you will remember and cherish forever. 

Someone very aptly said that - 

"Fill your life with experiences and not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show"

We have already kick started this year by attending a Bollywood dance workshop, an impromptu trip to Arizona and Vegas and played very fun point scoring game of golf with friends for the very first time 😀.

So this is my bucket list for Summer 2017:

1) Travel to a new country - By now you all know how much I and my husband love traveling. We have been planning to visit Europe (at least one or two countries) for a while now. We feel a bit lost and incomplete if we are not traveling. Traveling is something that we are very passionate about. Hoping that this time around everything will fall into place (fingers crossed) and we will soon be on our way to a new place, learning about a new culture, tasting new food and most of all collecting new memories.

2) Celebrate Holi, Festival of Colors - Holi was celebrated few days back in India. Holi, the Hindu festival of colors is celebrated to signify the victory of good over evil, arrival of spring and end of winter. I simply cannot remember the last time that I celebrated Holi. Goshhhh that was a long time back. I do miss all the fun of playing with colors, water and not to mention the delicacies that comes along with it. Spring is yet to arrive in my part of the world so it was kind of impossible to celebrate Holi at this time of the year. However, there are some upcoming Holi events in the month of April and May in NYC. Definitely planning to attend one with our friends this time around. 

3) Go biking at Central Park - We enjoy biking and did it on a regular basis when we lived in Austin. However after moving back to New Jersey we haven't gone biking even once. Sighhh... I do miss biking a lot. Can't believe that it's been a little more than 2 years already. This is something we think about doing every summer but somehow never gets materialized and we end up canceling it or simply plan other things. This summer though I have decided not to give this one a pass. It is happening for sure. 

4) Go Cherry or Berry Picking - This is definitely a fun activity which can be done with your partner, friends, family and kids. Something surprisingly we still haven't done.

5) Go Hiking - We are not regular hikers but we both thoroughly enjoy it. Hiking almost always finds its way on our travel plan. This is best way to get close to nature and most of the time to catch a glimpse of some of the most beautiful sceneries. We hiked in Peru, Kauai and Alaska as well. Although we still have to decide on a spot but I am sure this one will also be definitely checked off from our list this year.

6) Go to a Chocolate festival - Yes. This one is a must do on my list. Being a foodie and a chocolate lover this one should have been off my list a long time ago. But it's never too late.

7) Go to a Street Fair - We have been to some of the street fairs before and we certainly don't mind going again. Being big time foodies how can we possibly miss this. I am already day dreaming about all the yummy wonderful food that we will be having.

8) Play an "Escape the Room" game with friends - So here's the thing. I am pretty sure that you must have played an Escape the Room game on your smart phone some time or the other. I totally love this game, finding hidden clues, solving mystery puzzles and then finally finding the key to escape. Now what fun it would be if you actually get to do all of it. Ohhhhh soooo exciting!!! Isn't it? The moment I came to know that there are places in NYC and NJ were you can go with your friends and play this interactive game, I knew I had to do this no matter what. 

9) Go on a picnic - Sounds mehhh right. But with all the travel, biking, hiking, cherry picking I think by the end of it a small picnic would be really nice 😀. But no, I really do want to go on a picnic. I love everything about it. Be it preparing and packing lunch, to sitting and relaxing under the shade of a tree some place near a lake, followed by few games of badminton or frisbee etc etc. You get the scene right? 

These are some of the activities that we want to do this summer. There are ofcourse more options, so many more activities, events and we might end up doing some other things as well. But I think we are good for now. 

So what is on your Summer Bucket List of 2017? Need ideas? Then simply head over to Eventbrite to see if there is anything of your interest, which I am sure there will be. Eventbrite is a free resource that has all of the tools that you will need to plan amazing experiences for your family, friends and even your community. Want to run a marathon? Want to join a cooking class? Or want to go to a dance workshop? EventBrite has got you covered. Search for various events be it music festivals, food, fundraisers, games, workshops etc. You can even plan and upload your very own events and even search numerous other events that are happening around you! So what are you waiting for?? On your mark, Get Set........EXPERIENCE!!!!

Thank you so much Eventbrite for suggesting such a wonderful blog post idea. This idea was something that I could relate to so much and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it!!! 

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