How to make popped/puffed quinoa?

Puffed or popped quinoa is a fun way to enjoy this super healthy grain. Top it over your morning cereal bowl, smoothie bowl, salad, add them in your homemade energy bars, homemade granola or simply snack on them. The options are endless. 

Homemade popped quinoa tastes very much like popcorn but is very crispy but unlike popcorn it will not be fluffy after popping. It is very easy to make your very own puffed quinoa at home. Let see how. 


1) Take quinoa in a fine mesh strainer and wash it under cold running tap water thoroughly. This procedure is required to wash off the saponin that coats the quinoa which gives off a very bitter taste. Hence rinse the quinoa nice and good before proceeding with rest of the steps. 

2) Spread the washed quinoa with the help of a spoon or spatula onto an ungreased baking sheet. 

3) Dry the quinoa in the oven set at the lowest temperature (mine is 170F) with the oven door open.

4) Stir the quinoa frequently to ensure all the grains dries evenly and thoroughly for around 30mins. 

5) Take a regular sauce pan or a heavy bottomed pan and heat it on a medium flame. Add around a teaspoon of any oil like coconut, vegetable or peanut oil in the pan. I used a non stick saucepan, added no oil and it worked perfectly fine. 

6) Add 3 - 4 tsp of quinoa at a time so that there is an even layer of quinoa in the pan. You can add more if you are using a large pan. Cover with lid or hold the lid in your direction as the quinoa starts popping. Shake the saucepan in between when the quinoa starts popping. Trust me you will need a lid for this because they will start jumping and flying out of the pan.

7) You will know its done when the popping sounds reduces/stops. Immediately transfer the quinoa into a bowl or a dish and repeat the same procedure with rest of the quinoa. As seen in the picture the quinoa will be brown in color post popping/puffing. 

Enjoy :)

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