Hiking...Our new found hobby (and in the process trying to burn some calories)

Ever since i moved to US from India and ever since i quit my job to be with my better half, life has being good and very LAZZYYYY. Yes the laziness in me kicks in every now and then. Unfortunately this laziness has resulted in too much of weight gain (every women's nightmare these days) since last year. I was never a workout freak nor was i totally unhealthy or overweight during my college or work days. But post marriage i have been struggling to maintain a healthy weight range. Being a foodie, me and hubby always love to try new cuisines, experiment different types of recipes at home and grab every opportunity to eat yummy food during our little travel adventures. All this has led to a chubby me.

And so since the past few weeks i have been planning and scheduling a new routine for myself. Maybe i will discuss more about my new routine in another post. Soooo.. coming to the actual topic of the post, HIKING. Yes lately hiking is the one thing that we are enjoying a lot during weekends. Hiking not only provides you with a great workout but it also lets you enjoy nature like never before. I love being surrounded by green lush trees at any given time of the day and same is the case with my husband. It is welcome change from the typical or sometimes boring routine of going to the gym and working out. So far i have managed to loose few pounds but i have still a long way to go. Better late than never, right???

If you are a nature lover, then go grab your hiking shoes and head out.

Here are some of the pics from our recent hiking trips. All pictures are owned by me and clicked from my LG G3 phone.

Mt. Tammany Delaware Water Gap (New Jersey)

Beautiful stream on our way back 

Made it to the top...yeyyyeee :D
Bear Mountain State Park (New York)

Spotted this cute fellow hanging out :D
If you are looking for some really good long hiking trials across the USA, I would highly recommend checking out the link below by Boot Bomb. They have listed the top 50 hiking trails across the USA in great detail. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below. 

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