Veg Toast Sandwich - Mumbai Street Food Style

Vada Pav, chaat, pav bhaaji, sandwiches, cutting chai.....these are some of the famous street food that defines Mumbai. 

I have grown up gorging these delicacies at every walk of my life. Be it at the school canteen, that little hole in the wall kinda restaurant near the college,  the sandwichwala (person selling sandwiches) right across the street from my institute or a food cart near the railway station on my way back from work. 

Mumbai street food not only makes me drool but brings back loads of memories and happy times spent with family, friends and colleagues while savoring yummy street food. 

One such mumbai comfort street food is the Veg Toast Sandwich. It comes in all kinda variety. Plain veg, with cheese, without cheese, toast sandwich, with bell peppers and cheese, only cheese and many more.

I still fondly remember the veg toast sandwich me and my friends used to have almost all the time during post graduation days. This sandwichwala had a peculiar style of serving the sandwich. He used to top it up with lots of nylon sev (small pieces of crunchy chickpea noodles) :). Absolutely yummy... and thats how i love to have it always. The other sandwichwala i still remember had a really small stall right outside the railway station. Me and my colleague happily gobbled down the yummy sandwiches made by him after work. He is very well known for the mountain of cheese that he serves with all of his cheese sandwiches. 

Hubs and me crave for the street style sandwiches every now and then and try to recreate it at home. In this post i will be sharing with you our simple recipe for the quintessential and humble veg toast sandwich street food style.

Since this is the indian version of sandwich i have used amul cheese, amul butter and maggie ketchup. Desi all the way :P.

You will need the following ingredients:

(This recipe will make approx 5 sandwiches)

10 slices of white sandwich bread (use good firm bread)
Green chutney
Amul butter (at room temperature) use more or less as per your preference
Amul cheese (slices or grated cheese) use more or less as per your preference
1 medium sized cucumbers skin removed and sliced
3 medium sized boiled potatoes skin removed and sliced
1 medium sized tomato sliced thinly
1 or 2 medium sized boiled beetroot skin removed and sliced
Chaat Masala 
Salt to taste
Maggie ketchup for serving 
Nylon sev for garnishing (optional)
You can also use thinly sliced onions along with the veggies 

For the green chutney:
This is my simple recipe for the green chutney
1- 1/2 cup of cilantro/coriander leaves 
2 -3 green chilies (you can adjust the amount of chili as per your desire)
1/2 - 1 inch piece of ginger root
1/2 tsp of oil 
1 - 2 tbsp of water 

Blend all of the above ingredients in a blender/mixer to a smooth paste. Green chutney is ready. 

For assembling the sandwich:

1) Take two slices of bread. Spread the green chutney in one slice and the other with butter. 

2) Now start layering the sandwich with cucumbers, potatoes, beetroot and tomatoes. There is no hard and fast rule as what should go first. Feel free to layer as much or less as per you liking. 

3) Sprinkle pinch of salt if you like and some chaat masala on top of the veggies. 

3) Now place a slice of cheese or spread grated cheese on top of the veggies. Place the other slice (with butter) butter side down on top of the cheese. Spread a little butter on top as well. 

4) Preheat your sandwich maker and butter the surface. Place the sandwich and cook till the bread is crisp and nice golden brown in color. 

5) Remove the sandwich from the sandwich maker. Now comes the fun part. Feel free to eat it as is. I top the bread with some green chutney, a little ketchup and finally nylon sev. Repeat the same procedure with reast of the bread slices. 

Serve hot :D

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