Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Doña Sauce/Jalapeño Salsa

This is what happens when hubby takes over the kitchen. 

So hubby dearest likes to have lunch at his office once in a week (thursdays), rest all the days i give him tiffin. So one on such thursday he comes home and as always i ask him how his lunch was. He said he loved it and goes gaga over the sauce that he had at lunch along with the tacos. And the next thing i know he was going through the refrigerator to check if we had all the ingredients that was required to make the sauce. The tacos came from.. where else but Austin's well known Taco Deli.

Taco Deli in Austin serves the most delicious tacos around. Along with the tacos you also get around 2 -3 free sauces. Among these sauce you will find a green sauce also known as Doña sauce (named after the women who invented it) or the Jalapeño sauce or the green sauce. This is precisely the sauce my hubby loved (or should i say almost everyone in Austin loves). The recipe for Doña sauce is closely guarded secret. Many have tried to recreate the sauce. So after a thorough research (online ofcourse) below is the recipe hubby followed which i would say tastes somewhat close to the Doña sauce:


Jalapeños - 5 nos
Garlic - 6-7 nos
Salt to taste
Olive Oil - 1 tbsp


1) Roast the jalapeños and garlic on a skillet. Remove the garlic once they are done and peel off the skin. Keep roasting the jalapeños until they are nicely charred and soft.

2) Remove the jalapeños from the skillet once they are done. Let it cool down for few mins. Slit the jalapeños into half and remove the seeds.

3) Add the deseeded jalapeños, peeled garlic and salt in a blender. Blend it. Add about a tablespoon of olive and blend until smooth. Doña sauce is done and ready to be served.

4) Serve with nachos, with tacos or use as a sandwich spread.

Note: You can reduce the amount of jalapeño as needed and also the garlic if you don't like the sauce to be garlicky. This sauce tends to be hot and spicy so adjust accordingly.

Roast, blend and serve

Monday, 2 June 2014

Things to do in Austin - Part 2

Flyboard with Aquafly at Lake Travis

Ok....this is by far the most awesome, amazing and fantabulous water sports i have ever come across. We regularly check groupon and are always for a lookout for good deals. That is when hubby stumbled upon this one of a kind water sports. The moment he saw the pictures he knew he had to do it. Thats how we discovered this super cool water sport in the heart of Austin, Texas. 

A little something about flyboarding.
This sport was invented by a french person named Franky Zapata in the year 2011 and was introduced in US only in 2012. A flyboard is a device that looks like a pair of huge boots. It is basically attached to a water scooter which provides the propulsion to the flyboard to rise above the water and fly. The board has a water hose which is attached  to the water scooter. The water is basically forced under pressure through the hose to the boots which allows the rider to soar high (as high as 15 ft) above the water. 
Although a fairly new sport, flyboarding is slowly becoming one of the most sought-out and coolest water sports in the world. 

It looks quite easy but it is definitely not. Its all about balancing and keeping your legs straight as if you are standing. I am no expert but that is what i learnt after hearing their instructions and watching the sport in action (Yea i only watched.....might try it myself next time). Hubby just couldn't get out of the water for the first 15mins (you can see him in action in the video below, video shot by me and edited by hubby). And then in the second round he got the hang of it and managed to wasn't very high.....but whatever he could manage, it was pure fun for him. We would be definitely going here again. 

The folks at aquafly were super friendly, gave us all the instructions and also made us watch a video of flyboarding before the actual action. Instructors were also very good, giving repeated instructions whenever necessary and encouraging all the time. We opted for a photo package and were quite happy with the photos that we received by the end of the day. Sharing with you some of the snaps clicked by them.

Hubby in action :)


So what are you waiting for????....If you are in Austin, then this is definitely an awesome adventurous water sport which is a must try especially during summers. 

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