Breakfast Parfait - Super Quick and Easy

This delicious and scrumptious breakfast idea is definitely for people on the go. 

I knew parfait only as a frozen dessert. But never thought it could also be a great option for breakfast until I had one myself at a hotel and instantly fell in love with the idea. 

All you need is some fruits, yogurt and granola.....layer them up on a glass and tadaaaa.....breakfast is served....

This will be an instant hit with children as well. You can also add a little bit of nutella if you wish. But if you are on the health conscious side and also want your children to be, then just don't add the nutella. 

Today was one of those days when i wanted something different apart from the regular indian breakfast that i make everyday. And now i think i might end up eating this more often for breakfast than I thought :P

You can use any kind of fruits you like. I used raspberries, strawberries and banana. I purposely did not add any type of sweetener in here, cause the granola that i used was sweet enough for me. Feel free to drizzle honey on top if you want the parfait to be more sweet. 

Fruits (chopped)
Granola (i used the gluten free, diary free, low sodium one from trader joe's) you can use any kind
Yogurt ( i used regular yogurt, you can use any type - low fat, greek or flavored ones)


Layer the bottom of a glass with yogurt, second layer - sprinkle some granola and third layer fruits. Repeat this till you reach the top. Thats its guys. 

Dig in and enjoy.

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