The Skies of Austin never seizes to amaze me

There is nothing as beautiful as nature and our mother earth.

I am sooooo thankful to technology (i bet all of you are), else all the beauty that we encounter in our day to day lives will only be captured in our memories. Untouched and unshared. That would have been really sad.

So i thought why not share the beauty of Austin through my eyes. 

In this post i will be sharing the beauty of the sky in Austin, Texas clicked from my Samsung Galaxy S3 (some of them were edited on instagram). 

Hope You enjoy.

Amazing sky during sunset.......clicked from the parking area of the gym

Double Rainbow.......i just left what i was eating and ran outside to click this
This beautiful sunset was clicked....(if i am not mistaken) from the parking area of Walmart

My Favorite......this was clicked from our balcony.....

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