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My first product review post on O'Keefe's Working Hands and Healthy Feet cream 

Product Name: O'Keffe's Working Hands and O'Keffee's for Healthy Feet 

Package size: Hand cream - 3.4 oz (96g) Foot cream - 3.2 oz (91g) 

Price: Hubby ordered both the creams from amazon. The hand cream for $6.98 and foot cream for $6.99. Amazon also offers a value pack worth $13.95

Overall thoughts: Works like a charm. After having severe dry finger tips and cracked heels for several months, i have finally managed to find a hand cream and foot cream that actually does what it is supposed to do. Unlike other products that are greasy, these creams are non greasy, odorless and has got a different texture to it. I saw the results in 3-4 days. Now after using both the creams everyday for more than 3 weeks, i am happy to say that my hands and feet are all healed and super soft. And yeah a little goes a long way. So use sparingly. You can indeed apply it during the day, but its better to apply it in the night before you go to bed. 

Recommend: I would highly recommend this to everyone who is suffering from dry hands/legs and for cracked heels. Its fairly inexpensive and definitely worth every penny. 

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