Home Is Where The Heart Is

Back in Austin and back to blogging. 

I was so busy back in india i literally had no time to blog. But once i was back i was delighted to see that my total pageviews for the blog had crossed the 1000 mark. I know its not that great but it is a small achievement in itself for me as i have recently started to blog and i am still learning the tricks of the trade. Nevertheless, a big thank you to all who follow me regularly and keep encouraging me constantly.

So back to the post.....

It feels as if it was a dream. Our trip to india got over so quickly it seems unreal. 3 weeks flew by at the blink of an eye and we both (me and my hubby) are left wanting for more. It feels like it was only yesterday that i was all excited packing our bags for india and now suddenly i find myself unpacking.

Although our short trip had us all exhausted and sick, we enjoyed each and every moment of it. Right from my brother in laws wedding, to celebrating new year's eve in matheran, meeting my best buddies and our day long trip visiting our relatives. 

Someone has rightly said that "There is no place like home"and you will only realize it once you are away from it for a really long time. Now i know how it feels. And I so miss home already.

We used to kick start our day with the morning chai/coffee and used to end our evenings with chaat (sweet and sour indian snack....slurrp) or sandwich. We ate kadak pav (type of bread) and anda bhurji (scrambled egg) every morning for breakfast. The entire family sat together and ate for lunch and dinner. Evenings went by having tea, chit chatting and laughing our hearts out at silly jokes. It was also during this trip that we finally got to see our wedding albums after one year. Ohhhh it was such a delight. 

The noise, the dust and the pollution of mumbai...yes it can be irritating and you will never stop complaining, yes we both fell sick the day we set our foot in mumbai.....but yet you ignore them coz you know that you are at home. 

And when we think about home the next thing that comes to mind after family is FOOD. Eating food cooked by our moms is a different feeling altogether and we devoured every bit of it. Nothing in this whole wide world is as delicious as your "mummy ke haath ka khana"(home cooked meal by mom). But at the same time we did eat our fair share of junk food. Now who can possibly miss the junk food of mumbai :P.. 

Then somewhere down the line...you realize...how the simplest of things in life gives you immense joy.

I wish we could have stayed a little longer, i wish i could have spend more time with my family, my in laws, my sister and my niece, i wish i could have met my besties and my ex colleagues whom i couldn't meet. I guess no amount of time is never enough. But whatever time we spent in India we had loads of fun.

Its hard to describe how happy it makes you feel to see the smiling faces of your family and how immensely sad it makes you see them cry and bid you good bye. And now we are back again in a foreign land, its very quiet and peaceful yet i am longing to hear some noise, noise of our fast paced mumbai life.

It feels empty. It feels as if a void has surrounded us. But i am sure it will be alright and as the 3 weeks flew by, days and months will also fly by and in a matter of time we will be back again. And i will have more interesting stuff to blog about :P. So until next time.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. 

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