Hi guys,

My first blog post J. Well to start off I would like to point out (rather warn you guys :P) that I am not good writer nor do I write any poems. But that is not what blogging is all about right?? Ok… now please don’t close the tab and ignore me completely coz I do have some tricks up my sleeves :P

 I have come across so many wonderful blogs in the past few years and few of my friends are also avid bloggers (I do follow them frequently), which did inspire me to start my own some day. I had this thought about starting my own blog since couple of months now but I think I wasn’t inspired enough. And here I am in the world of blogging finally!!! Phewww……..I do realize that I will be like a grain of sand in this ocean of bloggers but it doesn’t hurt to try does it?

My life has turned in a completely different direction post marriage but in a good way. There is no doubt that I miss family, my dear friends and Mumbai but nevertheless I am enjoying life to the fullest after marriage here in USA with my best friend my dear hubby.

So much has changed and a lot of things are happening post marriage and after i moved here to the US.  I have never had so much time to myself since more than 5 years I guess. And that is how I got a chance to explore my culinary skills. I absolutely enjoy cooking and baking but never got time to experiment or try out recipes back in India. 

I am dying to share all of my tried and tested recipes with you guys as well as some of my own recipes and few of the traditional south indian recipes.

I have so much more to tell but if I post all of it at once u guys will be bored and I don’t want that to happen.

So to sum it up my blog will not only be about cooking and baking but also my experience so far here in USA, the food here, travel, fashion, lifestyle and the itsy bitsy yet interesting stuff of everyday life.

Hope u guys enjoy as much as I will sharing them with you. I would need all of our love, support and blessings.



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